Treatment Leave-In

A lightweight cream leave-in conditioner formulated to provide long-lasting moisture retention without residue for effortless styling. Size: 10.0 fl. oz. (300mL)

Intensive Conditioning Compound

A deeply penetrating moisture mask that delivers long-lasting hydration to the strands and increases hair flexibility, overall health, and longevity. Size: 10.0 fl. oz. (300mL)

Scalp Purifying Solution

Award-winning gentle exfoliating scalp tonic that effectively removes buildup from the scalp with chemical exfoliants, micellar water, and balancing symbiotics to nourish and treat the scalp. Size: 4.0 fl. oz. (120mL)

Nutrient Cleanse Complex

A high dose of moisture with cleansing benefits. Formulated to replenish moisture, balance the scalp, and prep hair for longer-lasting styling. Size: 10.0 fl. oz. (300mL)

Pre-Cleanse Micro Oil

An oil-based pre-cleanse that detoxifies and strips buildup and debris from the scalp while nourishing the hair with omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Size: 4.0 fl. oz. (120mL)

Total Wellness for Textured Hair

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