Is this a Black-owned business? Yes, OurX is proudly Black and woman-owned.

Who is the founder of OurX? OurX was founded by Ceci Kurzman.

Can I speak with a hair stylist? To speak with one of our hair experts, please reach out to info@ourx.com.

Do you offer expert advice and consultations? Yes-part of what makes OurX unique is that our regimens and recommendations are expert-backed. To speak with one of our experts, please reach out to info@ourx.co

Order Tracking

How do I track my order? You'll receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. You can track your order using that link.

When will my order arrive? It generally takes 5-7 business days (pending carrier) once your order has shipped for your items to arrive if you choose ground shipping. Overnight and next-business-day shipping will arrive quicker.

My order was lost or stolen, can I get a replacement? Absolutely! Please reach out to info@ourx.co with your order number and we'd be happy to assist.


Can I pause my subscription? Of course. To do so, access your subscription from your "My Account" section and click "pause or skip next delivery"

Can I reactivate my subscription? We're glad to have you back! To re-activate your subscription, log back into your account and click "Reactivate Subscription"

Do I have to subscribe or can I purchase just one product? In order to see the full benefits of your personalized recommendations, we recommend subscribing to your full regimen! However, you can always purchase just one (or a few items) in a one-time purchase as needed. Don't forget — you receive a discount for bundling, and you'll never run out of product with your subscription!

Can I delay my order, or skip an order on my subscription? Of course. To do so, access your subscription from your "My Account" section and click "pause or skip next delivery." Be sure to change your order 2-3 days before your subscription renewal date in order to not be charged.

Order Information

What payment methods do you accept? We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. We do not currently accept Klarna or Afterpay at this time.

Can I change my order once its been placed? No, orders can not be changed.

Can I add items to my order once its been placed? Additions to your order can be made within the hour of purchase.

How do I cancel my order? A full cancellation of your order can only be made within the hour of purchase.

Can I update my shipping address? Once an order has been placed, we're unable to make any changes to the shipping address.

Can I change my payment method? Once an order has been placed, we're unable to make any changes to the payment method. However, you can always update your payment method for future subscription orders.


What is your return policy? We are not able to accept product returns. If for any reason you are not happy with your OurX product, please either: 1. Give it to someone who may enjoy it or 2. Dispose of it according to local recycling regulations. Email info@ourx.co to request a refund back to your original payment method within 30 days of receipt.

Products + Regimens

How do I take apart the vessel containers and wash/refill them? You can learn and see more about how to wash, refill, and recycle our containers here.

What ingredients are in your products? See the full ingredient list on each product page and a list of our main ingredients in the OurX Glossary.

Can I use other products along with my OurX regimen? While we recommend sticking to your regimen for wash day, using styling products throughout the week to refresh should not interfere with your regimen. Talk to your hair coach about what ingredients to look for and avoid in your other products.

What is a personalized regimen? We use the answers you provide in the OurX Assessment to create a group of Ourx products - and unique dosages - specifically designed to fit your hair and scalp needs, lifestyle, and preferences. While the products in your regimen are important, the key is in the science of the regimen itself. The combination of products, how they’re used, and expert advice (based specifically on your hair and scalp needs) all work together to create your desired results.

What does a regimen include? Your regimen will include a bundle of OurX products that, when combined with your personalized schedule, dosage and application instructions, will help you achieve your hair and scalp goals.

How long until I see results with this regimen? Many users see immediate benefits after their first wash day, but it may take up to 8 weeks (depending on how frequently you wash) to start to see more long-term benefits.

Hair Health

How do I learn my hair porosity? Hair porosity is a measurement of your hair’s ability to absorb and hold moisture. Porosity is determined by the structure of your cuticle- the outer layer of your hair. Take the OurX Hair Assessment, which will give you instructions on how to do an at-home hair porosity test.

How often should I get my hair trimmed? You should trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. Lots of damage? Consult your OurX Coach on the best course of action!

How should I care for my hair when I travel? In all scenarios, care instructions and recommendations will differ from person to person. Consult your OurX Coach for what's best for you and your goals.

How often should I wash my hair? It depends on your hair texture and how quickly your scalp produces oil. Typically, the coarser your hair is, the longer it takes for your scalp to become oily. Finer hair usually gets oily quicker. If you have coarse 4C hair, you should wash your hair no less than once a week. If your hair is finer you can get away with washing it 1-2 times a week or more. We do not recommend that anyone go longer than one week without washing their hair.

What is the best way to stimulate hair growth? Hair products alone will not make your hair grow but with proper product use and a consistent regimen you can improve the health of your hair and scalp which will lead to more length retention and ultimately the appearance of longer hair. There are medical treatments that can be used to accelerate hair growth like Low Level Laser Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma and a topical treatment called Minoxidil.

How long should I keep in a sew-in? How long you keep your extensions in depends on the type you have. Clip ins should only be worn for one day. Don't sleep with clip ins in your hair! If you are wearing a partial sew-in, you should refresh that style every 2-3 weeks. A full sew in should be replaced every 4-6 weeks.

How long should I keep in braids? Braids and twists should come out after about a month or when you start to see substantial new growth. The more new growth you have the heavier the braids become and they can start to pull on your natural hair.

Total Wellness for Textured Hair

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