Scalp Purifying Solution

Award-winning gentle exfoliating scalp tonic that effectively removes buildup from the scalp with chemical exfoliants, micellar water, and balancing symbiotics to nourish and treat the scalp. 

Size: 4.0 fl. oz. (120mL)

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    Award-winning gentle exfoliating scalp tonic that effectively removes buildup from the scalp, while helping to restore essential nutrients and optimal scalp pH. Can be used as a purifying step with shampoo or in-between washes as a scalp refresh.

    Features + Benefits

    • Releases and removes product buildup from the scalp.

    • Restores essential nutrients and optimal scalp pH.

    Why You'll Love It


    WITCH HAZEL - Removes impurities and neutralizes sweat and odor.

    SALICYLIC ACID - Helps guard against dry scalp buildup.

    HYALURONIC ACID - Supports scalp and hair hydration.

    How to Use


    The Scalp Serum is a hydrating serum and calming treatment for a dry, irritated scalp. The Scalp Purifying solution is a cleansing tonic, that refreshes and removes scalp build up between wash days.

    The OurX Scalp Purifying solution is ideal for all curl types and textures who are looking to remove impurities from and balance the scalp. It also works as a scalp refresh for styles like locs. Take our in-depth hair assessment to see if the Scalp Purifying Solution is the right fit for your hair needs and goals.

    Order a refill the same way you placed your first order by adding the product to your cart. Our system automatically includes our re-usable vessels for free with your first order, and sends only the refill pouches for every order after that. If you'd like another vessel, email us at

    Yes, the Scalp Purifying solution is great for locs and works as a gently exfoliating scalp refresh.

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